Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Trip for the Senses

We are leaving tomorrow for a holiday which starts with 5 days in Rome, Italy and then proceeds to a cruise for 28 days......................from Rome we go to Greece (Athens, Turkey (Ephesus), then travel through the Suez Canal and on to Egypt (Luxor), Jordan (Aqaba). Dubai, Oman (Muscat), India ( Mumbai and Cochin), Kuala Lumpur, and 3 days in Singapore.  On our return flight, we fly from Singapore and have a 7 hour layover in Shanghai, so will try and do a little tour while there.

This is a dream trip for both of us, so we are very excited............such exotic locations!!!  I only wish that my health was better but I know that when I am in all those wonderful places that I will forget how I feel and it also goes without saying that shopping is a great pain killer (except for the wallet, that is).

I will send photos when I return and also tidbits of the experiences. The only experience that I am not looking forward to is the 9 hour trip to London and 5 hours later to Rome!!  Wish us well!!!



Linda Carswell said...

It all sounds fantastic!!! Travel safe, look after your health, but enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!!!! I look forward to hearing and seeing all about it once you are back. I must confess that I envy your 9 hours to London.....we endure over 20 hours flying time to London, but it is always worth it once we get there!!!!


Elga said...

Oh, what a wonderful trip, enjoy it to the full Sandi, it took me over 30 hours travel to get from Johannesburg to Boston via Frankfurt!!! But Castine was so worth it that I am going again next year, I am just glad it doesn't take 3 months with a little wooden ship anymore to travel between the continents. You are going to have so much fun and enjoy the shopping therapy, the wallet can recover later :-)

rosanna said...

Such a great trip! Have fun Sandy and please, share your pics wth us when you'll be back. Rosanna

Catherine said...

Have a wonderful time Sandi!!! :-)) It is indeed the trip of a life time. Take good care. I look forward to hearing all about it.

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