Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cats and Dogs

After reading many of your blogs, it became apparent that I am not the only one who loves cats!!   I love dogs ( and all animals!!) but I have never had one as a pet.  I apologize now to all dog lovers, as I will introduce my family to everyone................don't worry, petitpoint following!

"Peaches" is my oldest girl at about 13 years.....we don't know her exact age as she was a rescue, but she is a darling!  She lives to eat (my kind of girl) and loves basking in sunbeams and warm places. She is a born 'diva' and rules the household!

"Party Girl"
Peaches and Sophie enjoying the gas stove

Peaches and Mimi enjoying the heat again!

I have two other little 'girls', named "Sophie" and "Mimi", who are sisters and are 5 years old...............I have trouble walking by our local pet store without checking out the latest baby animals.............these two were about the size of a teacup and were holding on to each other like crazy, so there was no way that I could leave one of them behind???  They have tortoiseshell coloring (from their father) and personalities like a Siamese ( from their mother), which means they are very vocal and love to talk !!!

First, there is "Sophie", who is very intelligent, adventurous, and affectionate!!  She is also psychic, as she seems to sense when someone is grieving from a loss, or is depressed or ill.  She has been known to climb up on someone's lap to comfort them by purring and cuddling!  However, she is also a very good hunter, despite several discussions with her!

Beautiful Sophie

Sophie climbing patio umbrella

Sophie wearing her bell to help save the birds!

"Mimi" is one of the most unusual cats that I have had...............she loves to follow you wherever you go (as in, glued to you, so that you have to be careful not to step on her) and is always carrying on a conversation with you, bugs, birds, flowers, whatever.  She is very comical and lovable!

Mimi at 3 months

Best friends, for the moment!

Mimi with her beloved Bentley

"Bentley" was our lovely male cat that passed away from cancer this April.  He was only 10 years old and was very special..................in all those 10 years not once did he bite or scratch anyone................he just loved life!!  We ALL miss him very much!!!!!

Handsome Bentley

Darling Bentley and my darling Doug

Sorry for the indulgence of showing you all the pictures but I promise only an occasional mention in the future, okay???

Now on to the petitpoint........................................................

This is the finished version of the 'Agra Dog Rug' which still needs a further blocking................50 colors of DMC cotton were used on 40 count silk gauze.................I have to apologize for the poor photo (too bright) but still am working on my photography skills of miniatures!!!

I am showing the back of the rug because that is the way that I decided to finish it................I found that furniture did not sit well when a backing is put on.................not a surprise since life-size rugs are mostly done that way as well.

I am also going to petitpoint numerous cushions for the family room.........cats and dogs that I have known!!
I have wanted to find a rug that is based on cats but have not found too many that are appropriate............this one I found recently but not sure it is right look?  We'll see??????

'Northern Persian Cats rug'

Well, I will sign off until next time,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thank you

First of all I want to thank all you lovely ladies for your kind words and for following me.  I am very honored to be acknowledged by all of you talented ladies!!  I spent many hours looking at all your blogs and was totally overdosing on all of the beautiful sites!!

 I wish that I could send you all a bouquet of flowers from my garden (pictures to follow soon) and also, invite you all to share a cup of tea!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The beginning

After several months of procrastination, today I am posting my first blog! It is also due to the kind encouragement by Catherine of Kilmouskie and me and Linda of Une Petite Folie to start this.

I initially wanted to do a blog on miniatures only,  but realized that I have so many passions in life,  that restricting myself to only one, would be hard.  However, I will start with my love of miniatures and of french design, that will be used for my dollhouse.

My passion with miniatures started about 10 years ago.......................over the years I have accumulated hundreds of pages of ideas and photos for my future little dollhouse.................it still has not happened (procrastination again).  I have purchased almost all the furniture pieces that I will need, but have left all the finishing touches for when I design each of the rooms.  I plan to only build one dollhouse!!!  The style will be a french chateau.  I am designing it myself, so that is why it is taking so long.  It is hard to put everything into the dollhouse that you want, especially if you are only making one!!  In future blogs, I will show my plans of this dollhouse.

For the past 4 years, I have been addicted to needlework for miniatures in the form of petitpoint. I started out by making items in too large a scale to look right with miniatures.  By trial and error, I am most comfortable with using silk gauze in 40 count and 60 count to the square inch.  Before I discovered silk floss, I was using only DMC......................now it is all I use!!  I love the look and feel of it.  I will endeavor to share with you some of my newest creations in subsequent blogs.

Here are some of my earliest creations:

This was  my first petitpoint on 40 count gauze and I used DMC cotton.  It is my interpretation of  'Victorian Animal Rug',  originally designed by Elizabeth Bradley.  It will be going into the 'study' or the 'studio'

    These were the first mini slippers that I made and they sure look it............a bit clunky!  They were made for dear Mercedes of 'Liberty Biberty'.  She is so talented and has such a generous heart!

                                I also made her a mini tea cozy for her shabby cottage.

    I first made a tea cozy for Linda Carswell because she had admired the one that I had made for Mercedes..............actually I was so in awe of Linda and all her talents!!!!!...........that I was more than honored to have any of my petitpoint in her charming petit chateau. 

                                                     Next, I made some cushions for her 'salon'

    While I was working on these projects,  I was also working on a rug design for my 'mini family room'.  This is a picture of the inspiration rug which I have revised.  It is a 'Agra' style rug.

                                                               This is my version in progress........it is on 40 count and DMC cotton and the last time that I will use cotton on 40 count!!!!! 

    Next post, I will show you the finished 'dog' rug..............it only took me 3 (!!!!) years to finish.  Not because it was so hard but because other projects got in the way.  Considering, that I still have rugs left to make for the Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, etc. etc. etc.................I will be busy for years (ha!!)

    Well, there it is, my first post and please bear with me while I learn how to post properly.................and hopefully, not write so much!!!

    Hugs to all