Monday, March 25, 2013

Today, I wanted to start my post by showing a few new delights that I bought for my 'petit chateau' :

From Kiva's site
 One of my favorite things to eat is the pomegranate and when I saw a photo of a mini one, I had to have it!.......when I received the little basket, I could not believe my eyes as to how perfect it was!!!  It was made by a lovely lady named Kiva @ /  Please take a look at her blog.

The other article in the picture is a little shopping bag that I made a while ago but..........................there was also supposed to be a lovely straw hat with the bag (see similar item below) that I purchased from Judith @ and she also has a great blog as well

 You ask, 'what happened to the hat'?  Well, I'll tell was stolen a very sneaky, opportunistic individual..........................named "SOPHIE".


I am so mad at her...I guess she sneaked into my studio and grabbed it when the door was open by mistake. What an opportunist!!  I hope that I will find it someday soon before her and my other cat, Mimi, completely wreck it!!  At the moment, I am not speaking to her and by her picture, you can see that she is not amused!

I've decided that a fitting punishment  for her would be to have her wear a similar hat !  I'll let you know how that goes!!!

Well, I have tried to finish more petitpoint to show for this post but was only able to finish this for my 'real chateau'...this is a pattern from the very talented 'Graham Rust'.

I am finishing the same pattern in mini size and will show it and a few more things in my next post.

We are off for a month for some sunshine and warmer weather.......have had a very wet winter but luckily, very little snow......we are blessed for sure.

   We will be in Los Angeles and then onto a short cruise to the Hawaiian Islands.  One of the main reasons that we chose this cruise was that it sails to Vancouver at the end of the cruise which means we only have to fly one way.  YEAH!!!!

So, I want to close off wishing everyone a wonderful, safe Happy Easter!! Have a happy, hoppy day!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Kitten kisses to everyone!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Once again, it is February 2 and time for our little groundhog to forecast whether we will have an early spring.  He has a mixed review for Canada  but I'm hoping that he is right about spring being around the corner!

We have another sign that spring is here................we have a bear cub and mom and poppa bears, too!!!
Our neighbour has seen them but we haven't yet, although they knocked down our compost bin, which is not a small thing to do.  They pushed down the fence to get into our yard and carried away our locked bin for collecting compost from the house.  I love animals so I hope that they don't get too aggressive because I would hate to have them moved or, even worse, put down!!!  We have lived here for 15 years and heard about sightings but not a glimpse have we seen.  I guess when you live near a forest that is one of the perks.

I am walking perfectly normal now and I am enjoying it immensely.  Soon, I plan to volunteer at a SPCA so that I can take care of my dog addiction!!  I would love to get a small dog but Doug and the cats say no, so I am outnumbered.

I have finally cleaned out my studio so that I can seriously start this is my one main resolution for 2013.  I will send some photos of my latest petitpoint in the next post.................... today is my birthday so I am relaxing and enjoying it, starting with breakfast in bed!!!

Many hugs to all my loyal followers and to my new followers...I really appreciate your support!!!