Friday, December 23, 2016

                                  MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL MY WONDERFUL FOLLOWERS


                           There will be a longer post in January along with pictures of our trip to France

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Today was a great day!!  It rained!!  I didn't have to water my garden, today!

Instead, I can create a new post for my loyal followers.

We, in the Pacific Northwest, had quite an unusual spring and summer this year.  We had hot weather in April and May and then, June and July were below average temperatures with rain.  August went back to hot weather until the last few days, which have been cooler.  Well, I won't have to worry about the garden after September 12 because my husband and I are away for a month to...................... FRANCE!!!!!

We are so excited to be going to France again after 27 years.  Way too long to wait to see this incredible country.
The start of the trip is to Normandy to see the D-Day beaches and explore the many beautiful cities and towns in the region. Next, we go to see Versailles again, both the chateau and the city.  Following this up, with a trip to Fontainebleau. The last two weeks will be in wonderful to enjoy the sights again and all the wonderful patisseries and bakery shops!!!!

Now, I have a favour to ask ................does anyone know of any miniature shops that are still open in these regions?  Also, any artisans that I should try to see?  I'd really appreciate any input that you can give me.

After 2 years of stitching, I have finally completed my 'Antique Farahan' rug for my chateau's 'Salon'.  After starting it way back in 2014, my source for petitpoint silks was gone, so I had to find another source.  When you use 50 colours in your design, you cannot afford to pay a lot per skein.  I found another source so I could start all over again.  Here is the result..................

Antique Farahan  9" x 11"

I managed to fit in another project.......................a rug for the 'Foyer'................
Foyer oval rug 6 1/2" x 71/4"  Add caption
This only took 7 months and was fun to do.......................I am now working on my kitchen rugs..............

I know that many would like to know how my fur-babies are getting along........................well, Sophie grudgingly agrees to being chased by Oliver every day but Mimi will have none of it.  She refuses to be where he is but is intriqued by him.  Oliver on the other hand has the best time chasing them and all the squirrels and birds that arrive!!  I, sort of had the idea that they would all get along and play together.  Boy was I wrong!

However, the three of them agreed to get into the spirit of our trip to France and showed their support:

Actually, Oliver is excited to go and spend more time at his favorite kennel and the cats always get spoiled by our cat sitters. The only uncertainty is the weather while we are will have someone water the yard as needed.

Well, as usual, I have rambled on too long, so will say bon soir and go and enjoy a cup of herbal tea.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my faithful followers!!!  I really appreciate that you have all stayed with me since my last post!

I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I am alive and (now) well and will post a longer note soon.

I was catching up on everyone's blog today and felt so inspired that I am finally starting to draw out my 'petit chateau'plans.  But first, I am going to do a lot more research.

Right now, I am enjoying a good cup of tea with some reading
And Oliver is beside me and says to say 'hi' from him