Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cats and Dogs

After reading many of your blogs, it became apparent that I am not the only one who loves cats!!   I love dogs ( and all animals!!) but I have never had one as a pet.  I apologize now to all dog lovers, as I will introduce my family to everyone................don't worry, petitpoint following!

"Peaches" is my oldest girl at about 13 years.....we don't know her exact age as she was a rescue, but she is a darling!  She lives to eat (my kind of girl) and loves basking in sunbeams and warm places. She is a born 'diva' and rules the household!

"Party Girl"
Peaches and Sophie enjoying the gas stove

Peaches and Mimi enjoying the heat again!

I have two other little 'girls', named "Sophie" and "Mimi", who are sisters and are 5 years old...............I have trouble walking by our local pet store without checking out the latest baby animals.............these two were about the size of a teacup and were holding on to each other like crazy, so there was no way that I could leave one of them behind???  They have tortoiseshell coloring (from their father) and personalities like a Siamese ( from their mother), which means they are very vocal and love to talk !!!

First, there is "Sophie", who is very intelligent, adventurous, and affectionate!!  She is also psychic, as she seems to sense when someone is grieving from a loss, or is depressed or ill.  She has been known to climb up on someone's lap to comfort them by purring and cuddling!  However, she is also a very good hunter, despite several discussions with her!

Beautiful Sophie

Sophie climbing patio umbrella

Sophie wearing her bell to help save the birds!

"Mimi" is one of the most unusual cats that I have had...............she loves to follow you wherever you go (as in, glued to you, so that you have to be careful not to step on her) and is always carrying on a conversation with you, bugs, birds, flowers, whatever.  She is very comical and lovable!

Mimi at 3 months

Best friends, for the moment!

Mimi with her beloved Bentley

"Bentley" was our lovely male cat that passed away from cancer this April.  He was only 10 years old and was very special..................in all those 10 years not once did he bite or scratch anyone................he just loved life!!  We ALL miss him very much!!!!!

Handsome Bentley

Darling Bentley and my darling Doug

Sorry for the indulgence of showing you all the pictures but I promise only an occasional mention in the future, okay???

Now on to the petitpoint........................................................

This is the finished version of the 'Agra Dog Rug' which still needs a further blocking................50 colors of DMC cotton were used on 40 count silk gauze.................I have to apologize for the poor photo (too bright) but still am working on my photography skills of miniatures!!!

I am showing the back of the rug because that is the way that I decided to finish it................I found that furniture did not sit well when a backing is put on.................not a surprise since life-size rugs are mostly done that way as well.

I am also going to petitpoint numerous cushions for the family room.........cats and dogs that I have known!!
I have wanted to find a rug that is based on cats but have not found too many that are appropriate............this one I found recently but not sure it is right look?  We'll see??????

'Northern Persian Cats rug'

Well, I will sign off until next time,


Flora said...

Your clan is adorable, including your husband :-)
Although I love all animals but the affinity with cats is pure instinct: you look into their eyes and understand each other without words.
My cat "Semola" is eleven, and I always seem her as small as when I recovered from the trash.
I hope that you find a carpet worthy of this noble species, in order to enhance it with your art :-)
Moreover, the rug with the dogs is a masterpiece that will take your breath away...
Mini miao hugs, Flora

Judith said...

Your cats are all beautiful and I'm pleased that you paused in your stitching to introduce us. Peaches sounds a lot like my Willow (2 years old and his favourite pastimes are eating and lounging). Sadly his figure reflects this but I would be completely lost without his 'chatter' and his company. The rug is beautiful and I'm so impressed by your stitching in such a tiny scale. Judith x

Daydreamer said...

Your Cats are GORGEOUS! I love cats and dogs as well.... only have one cat at the moment... a little black fellow with no tail... he was an orphan and is the sweetest, smartest most well-behaved cat..... but don't we all think that? :)
Your needlework is SO beautiful!!!!
I can't wait to see your version of that Cat carpet..... it is stunning! If I ever get good enough at needlepoint.... I will want to try that design!!!! (Not likely for a LONG time....!) But I can dream, can't I? :)

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Todos sus gatos son preciosos!
Yo también como usted adoro los gatos.

maria said...

Love your cats, although i am more a dogs person i love cats too.
Your stitching is stunning!

Catherine said...

Sandi... I have been without my computer again for over a week after a nasty malware ware attack! So.... I am just now making my way around blogland.

What a beautiful post!!!! Your kitties are beautiful.:-) I know very well they are treasured, adored and pampered.

Those rugs are nothing short of magnificent!!!! What patience you have to create them. I can't conceive of it. I

Oooooh how wonderful to see a picture of Doug! Lucky you!!! Not only is he a sweetheart but he's a handsome guy! Hugs to you both and the fur people.

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