Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snow White, squirrels, and a lot of work!!!

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be 'Snow White' and live in the forest with all the birds and animals..........well, thirteen years ago, we moved to an acreage on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and suddenly, we were living in a forest setting with all the birds and small animals that I could want.  Our property is 5 acres but only about half an acre is landscaped..........the rest is natural forest.  We have regular visits from deer, birds of all sorts including wild turkeys and eagles, small lizards and garter snakes...............there are even sitings in the winter of black bear and cougar!!
But the greatest entertainment for us as we sit on our deck are our squirrels!!!  They love to steal sunflower seeds from the birds but they all have an equal opportunity for filling up!!  Here is a  video that my husband took of one of our 'special squirrels.......she is very talented!!

My garden has been a labor of love and it is always a work in progress.....this year I was not able to do much work in the garden but hired some students to help weed and my dear husband did the watering this year.....this is amazing because we have a mixed marriage..........I love to garden and he doesn't!!
Anyway, here is a tour of our garden:

Some of my favorites:

Finally, it is wonderful to reap the benefits of a flower garden and orchard (we have cherries, apples, plums, pears, peaches, grapes, and figs)

But now, it is time to start putting all the yard to bed for winter.............before you know it, it will be spring soon again.


Linda Carswell said...

Dearest Sandi, I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful garden, I must confess that I adore the roses best of all. Here in Australia we do not have squirrels, but I was fascinated to see them in the parks in London....they are very cute, but a little scary when they dart at! I was sorry to read in your previous post that you have not been well, I hope you are on the mend very soon.

Linda xxx

Fabiola said...

You have a fantastic garden! I like it.
Bye Faby

Flora said...

Hi Sandi, welcome back :-)
It's nice to know that someone is able to realize the dreams he had as a child ...
Now you're a really Snow White :-)
The images that you show are beautiful, they make dream me too :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Sans! said...

This is like living in the Garden of Eden. You, your husband and the students have all done well but it is clear that you as The Gardener must take most of the credits for the beautiful landscape.

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