Thursday, January 14, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my faithful followers!!!  I really appreciate that you have all stayed with me since my last post!

I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I am alive and (now) well and will post a longer note soon.

I was catching up on everyone's blog today and felt so inspired that I am finally starting to draw out my 'petit chateau'plans.  But first, I am going to do a lot more research.

Right now, I am enjoying a good cup of tea with some reading
And Oliver is beside me and says to say 'hi' from him



Catherine said...

It is so nice to hear from you. How exciting that you have started designing your maison. I am very happy to hear you feel so good!!!!! XXXXX

Linda Carswell said...

I was thinking of you just wonderful to see you back. I am thrilled you are well and I am excited to hear that you are soon to start your house!!
Linda xxxx

Giac said...

Hello Sandi,
Welcome back! I can't wait to see your plans.
Big hug

sandi quance said...

Dear Catherine, Linda, and Giac,
Thank you so much my darlings!! It is good to be feeling better and I miss so much all your lovely posts. I can only hope to create a dollhouse that can come close to your wonderful work!!

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