Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas to all my loyal and wonderful followers.  I am sorry that I have not posted since March but,
once again my health got in the way of everything!!!!...................I am finally feeling better and will be posting in the New Year with miniatures that I have been working on and hopefully (FINALLY) will start the construction of my mini house!  I will also be showing pictures of our latest trip this fall to Budapest, Krakow, and Prague

In the meanwhile, everyone enjoy the holidays...................and be safe and don't (well try!) eat too many sweets.

Oliver waiting for Santa


Sue said...

Wonderful to have you blogging again. I look forward to seeing all the new projects you have created.

Oliver and the Christmas cat photos are priceless; just too cute.

You are just incredibly talented!!

elvira said...

I have a lovely blog ..!!!
I'm a your new follower :)
Happy Holiday ..!!

sandi quance said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you for the lovely comments! You are a darling!!


sandi quance said...

Dear Elvira,
How lovely to have you as a follower!!! I visited your great blog and become a follower as well.

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