Friday, January 6, 2012

Next destination:  OMAN

Upon leaving the harbor of Safaga, Egypt, we began  'security mode' for our ship............blackouts of all windows every night so that night vision goggles could detect  movement of any possible 'pirate boats' .  This was to last until we were in Indian waters.  Sure makes you realize how seriously this is taken.....also sightings of naval vessels, including an Indian naval destroyer .

We decided not to visit Dubai because of increased visa costs for Canadian citizens!!  Also, to me, it seemed that we would be wasting our time and energies to go there just to see what extreme oil wealth can build!!!

Oman was a pleasant surprise..............a good mix of the old and the new ...........our visit was to 'Muscat', a harbour city and the capitol of Oman.
Loved these light standards, as I have a 'crown' fixation

This wonderful yacht is one of  'eight' belonging to the Sultan of Oman

Next destination:  INDIA (Mumbai and Cochin)



malu2 said...

Magnifico viaje!!! he visto tus entradas anteriores y me ha encantado!!! la mitad de este crucero tambien lo he hecho yo, y me ha traido muchos recuerdos!! que termines de pasar unas felices vacaciones!!!!Besos de las Malu´s,

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

Quel fabuleux voyage !! quelle chance !Je viens de me promener à travers vos photos .
J'adore aussi l'Egypte et son histoire , La Turquie est aussi un pays que je connais bien.
Bonne continuation !

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