Monday, January 9, 2012

Beautiful MUMBAI

'Taj Mahal Hotel'

I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed our visit to Mumbai!  There definitely is a crush of people and cars everywhere, but the sights are so interesting that you forget to dwell on it. You are more consumed with the colours of the saris, that cover all sections of a colour wheel and surpass it beautifully.The scents in the air of flowers  and spices are intoxicating.  The city is very lush with trees of all fact, I think one could grow most anything here because of the heat and humidity!!!  The one thing, that outshines the rest, are the wonderful people of Mumbai.........they are very warm and generous of welcoming!!  I would love to have spent more time there, but perhaps in the future.
Here is a glimpse of this wonderful city:

Everywhere you go, someone is selling these peacock feather fans and I will admit that having bought one, they are a life saver when not in  air conditioning!

Banyan tree
India Gate

There were many trees in bloom and the fragrance was wonderful, that hundreds of dragonflies were flying can see them better if you click on the photo  (I am so jealous ,because back on Vancouver Island, I am lucky if I see a couple of dozen in the spring and summer!)

Mumbai's version of a traffic jam but in two directions
Glimpses of  one of many beautiful homes remaining from the 'colonial period'
First glimpse of a 'fishing village' located in the center of town with highrises on either side
Our first glimpse of the 'fishing village'
The village ladies getting ready for a wedding banquet

The happy bridal party dancing
The village's open air market
The fish market
Contrasts abound in Mumbai....the fishing village to the left, shanty- town to the right and the upscale highrises in the distance
The ever present 'sacred cow'
More beautiful buildings
First glimpse of the amazing ' Victoria Station'
Inside the station, which serves 2,500,000 commuters and a thousand trains daily!!!!
The beautiful ceiling of the ticket office
The oldest apartment building in Mumbai
Beautiful ceramic ceiling of the Jain Temple
Their beautiful new hospital
One of many beaches where it is not safe to swim in
Collected laundry going to the wash centre
The main 'laundry' all done by hand and for the most part by men!

Plaque outside the home where Mahatma Gandhi stayed when in Mumbai
The beautiful but austere bedroom of Gandhi
Interesting deterrent to parking in the wrong place
This is such a fascinating place that these pictures do not do justice to it.  The contrasts of the upper and lower class is very evident but nothing compares to showing this, than this man's $1 billion (yes, $1,000,000,000 house .....................see this site to see it:
What more can I say????

COCHIN (Kochi), India

Cochin is located further south of Mumbai on the coast.....we only had time to see the small communities near the ocean while the larger city of Cochin was closed for Sunday (shops, etc).  It has a different feeling than Mumbai because  there is not such a crush of people...............the people are poorer here but the majority have jobs and seem quite happy.

Water hyacinths everywhere after the rains
Out with the family for a Sunday drive
The famous "Chinese fishing nets"
Some of the homes along the waterfront
Market day
Local taxi service

One of my most favorite animals in the world is the 'elephant' and I was so privileged to be able to pet him and give him some words of love..................but having said that, I was so overwhelmed to see him kept in a large yard by himself (except for his handlers), chained on his back leg with lots of debris, dung, etc. everywhere!  I found out that he is 26 years old and I can only hope that he has not lived this way for a long time!!  He does not look to be abused but I feel that these magnificent animals deserve to live life free with their own kind!!! If I won the lottery, I would pay to move him to an elephant sanctuary, so I will keep buying as many tickets as I can to fulfill this promise.  I still get upset when I see these photos again.

Next posting will be the final post of my cruise photos (do I hear cheers???)
Until then,


Linda Carswell said...

Now that is what I call an interesting holiday......and an interesting blog post. So many contrast in one a pleasure to be able to read about your amazing holiday.......thank you!

Linda x

Catherine said...

What an incredible experience this holiday has to have been. And yes... The contrast in that city is enormous. As are the life styles of it's people.

It was a wonderful post. Thank you.

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