Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Finally................a post!!!  So sorry to all my faithful followers that I have not written in quite a while!
2013 was quite a year for me..................a great holiday followed by a garden overgrown that needed tending, then several visitors to share in 3 months of dry weather and watering everyday!!  Then, I also had several health issues to work out.

Then, as if I didn't have enough to look after already.................I bought my first dog!!!  His name is 'Oliver' and he is 6 years old and is a purebred Papillon.  He is also a rescue dog, having lived the last two years in a car with his homeless owner..  He is absolutely the best dog and even my 'Sophie' seems to get along with him.  My other cat, 'Mimi', stays in the laundry room when he is around.  We have already had him for 5 months so maybe in a few more months, she might get to accept him as well......  Having had cats all my life, I have been spoiled!!  Cats will let you sleep in and decide when they need your attention!! Dogs are like children (which I have never had) and seem to demand constant love and attention.................just trying to do emails gets him very upset with me, so, I am trying to train him re this and also excess barking. Big problem now is trying to find someone who can stay with him at our house while we take trips in the future!!  I know that saner minds would question my sanity on getting Oliver but sometimes the heart takes over and I couldn't leave him.

I will post some miniature finds in the next post but will sign off for now

Many hugs,


Catherine said...

HURRAY!!! I am so HAPPY to see a post from you and to know you are OK.
Oliver is adorable and beautiful. I am sure he is delighted with his new home and mommie. True enough dogs need more attention but they are so worth it. :-)
Wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year!!!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Sandi! Your Oliver totally suits his name! I am so happy to learn that he is a rescue dog and I am sure that your cat will come out of the laundry room once she gets more used to Oliver being around for good! :)) Animals Are like children whether dogs or cats, cats being the more independent and often defiant "teenagers" and dogs like "grade schoolers" who need you for everything and who just like to play and sleep and eat!.... Hey, I guess I fall into that category as well! :D


sandi quance said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I love your comments on the difference between cats and dogs......so true and yes, I fall in both categories as well.
Hugs XX

sandi quance said...

Dear Catherine,
Thank you for your warm comments!!! I have been missing all my lovely blog friends!!!

Linda Carswell said...

So happy to see that you have made it back to us.....I have been missing you!!!!! Linda x

Flora said...

Dear Sandy, I am happy to read your news: garden, guests, pets, health: daily life is a great challenge, and find time for everything is impossible (I know it well too ).
I think that there is some available nearby to stay with the little Oliver during the holidays, but for that goes wrong, you can leave him in some trusted doghouse where someone takes care of him while you are away. It will always be better than being homeless, as it was before he meet you :-)
I can not way your miniature finds :-)
Have a peaceful and prosperous 2014 :-)
Lovely hugs

sandi quance said...

Dearest Linda,
Thank you for your kind post..................I missed you too.
Hugs XX

Dear Flora,
I am still working on finding a nice place to leave him when we go away...............but he has 'separation anxiety issues' which is making it difficult. Thank you for your kind comments...........I appreciate!!
Hugs XX

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