Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Good to Go Again

Well, it has been two months since my operation and I have to say that I feel wonderful.  Thank you to all my lovely followers for your kind words through this ordeal. There was a few hiccups but, all in all, the surgery was easy on me.  The pain was pretty minimal for a few weeks and now I have literally no pain!!!  I am now able to walk on my own but will still use a cane, for the next month as a safety measure.  I have exercises to do every day...............which is a pleasure now !

My dear husband has been so good to me..........breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner in bed every day!!!  He has had to do almost everything, including looking after the garden!!!  I will have to spoil him with 'home cooking' again as we are both tired of 'Costco meals!!!

'Peaches' 1997-2012
We had to put our darling little 'Peaches' down at age 15.  She was a rescue cat and was always the most loving and sweet little girl.  We miss her terribly!

Today, it is important to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by 'Hurricane Sandy'!
So very sad to see such devastation.........I hope that the power gets back soon so that they can back to some kind of normal.

While I was convalescing, I tried to do miniatures but it did not happen, so will try to do some things soon.
In the meantime,



Linda Carswell said...

Dearest Sandi,

I am so thrilled to hear that your surgery was a success and that you are fast becoming a new woman!!! How wonderful to have such a fabulous husband.

I hope your recovery continue and we see lots of amazing thinks from you.

I have missed you........Linda x

Giac said...

Hello Sandi,
I am so happy you are doing better. i hope you'll be back in top shape before you know it!
I'm so sorry for Peaches. that has to be one of the hardest things.
Big hug,

Helen said...

Hello Sandy!
Good to hear how well you feel after your surgery!
So sorry to hear about Peaches, the pain of losing a precious furbaby is awful. My thoughts are with you. She was a very beautiful kitty!
Sending hugs & good wishes to you for a speedy recovery! x

Catherine said...

Hi Sandy,

What WONDERFUL news. I am so happy to hear your operation went so well and you no longer have any pain.

Sending you and hubby a great big hug!!!

Catherine XXX

Margaret said...

So good to hear you are recovering well Sandi, I bet you can't wait to get back into your mini work. Condolences on the loss of you lovely puss, I know how hard it is. Margaret

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