Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Best Holiday Ever     Part Three

The day after we left Turkey, there was a serious earthquake at the opposite end of the country...we luckily did not feel anything.  Our hearts go out to all that were affected.
We left the Mediterranean Sea and reached the Suez Canal:
First view of the Suez Canal
Guards along the Suez Canal
We join the convoy
Fishing boat beneath us
We competed the journey overnight so missed most of the action

We spent a day exploring the seaport of "Aqaba:

More of my dear camels in the center of town
We only spent a short while in Jordan but would like to go back and see more...............we were sad not to get to see 'Petra', another ancient city, this time.  Unfortunately, there were too many important excursions back to back so we had to miss Petra to enjoy next day's trip to 'Luxor', Egypt.
So, my next post will be on Luxor..........hoping that 'blogger' will cooperate!!!!

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